NUPRSSA Secretary Chelsea Addy’s Experiences Exploring Boston

Before I moved to Boston, I lived in a big suburb in Upstate New York. Besides a movie theater, bowling alley and a handful of restaurants, there was absolutely nothing to do. I would drive 45 minutes to go anywhere remotely interesting and ended up spending a fortune on gas. Because of my lackluster home town, I chose to go to school in a big city where there would be a never ending supply of activities. The T has become my best friend and I spend much less on T fare than gas for my car. Since I have been living in Boston, I have experienced dinner at Dick’s, dug my way through clothes at the Garment District, gone to two Red Sox games, seen the Christmas tree in Boston Common, and explored Antique Row.  I know that I have five years here, but I am determined to do as much as possible in that time and never miss a beat.

Now that second semester is here, my friends and I have made a list of things to do before April 30th. A few things on our list include: exploring Harvard Square, go to a Celtics game and go to a concert. My friends are also trying to drag me ice skating, but I am terrified. As someone who can barely walk without falling, I am doubtful that ice skating will be good for me.

Although exploring Boston is fun, there are also some things closer to campus that I love. Eating in the dining hall sometimes as a freshman can get old pretty fast, so I have recently discovered Teriyaki House. Chinese food has become my new comfort food and I highly suggest General Sou Chicken with lo mein. Warning: the portions are huge so share with a friend. I also love just walking down Newbury Street on a random day. As a huge fashion obsessed girlie girl, Newbury Street is the perfect place to drool over clothes that you one day hope to afford. Although it may seem tempting to walk into every store, just stick to window shopping.

I now challenge you and your friends to making your own to do list and explore Boston.  Take advantage of the amazing city we live in and use your time wisely to make the best out of your years here at Northeastern.

Chelsea Addy



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