NUPRSSA’s Fundraising Chair, Kristina Crowley’s Take on Student Involvement

About a year ago from this April, a both excited and nervous me sent in my deposit to become part of Northeastern University’s Class of 2015.  While I was overwhelmed with congratulations from loving family and classmates, I also received advice in many different ways.  The words I remember best were those that my guidance counselor gave me, “When going to a university as large as Northeastern, you have to promise me you’ll get involved.”  As an active member if in a variety of different high school clubs, I had many plans to be involved in college as well, it was just a matter of finding the involvement that was right for me.

At the student activities fair that took place during welcome week in the fall, I shuffled around from table to table trying to sort through the uncountable student groups.  When I came across the NUPRSSA table I decided I’d learn more about the club since public relations was a career I was interested in, and as a Communications major, such PR classes are not offered.  After speaking with members of the e-board, I knew that this club would not only be beneficial to me learning more about the public relations field, but also would introduce me to many knowledgeable students and professionals in the industry.  Just a semester later, I was happy to earn further involvement as the group’s Fundraising Chair.

Aside from fulfilling all my expectations plus more, it was through NUPRSSA that I discovered my goal to work in some aspect of the fashion industry of PR.  With this dream in mind, I began to shape my other extracurricular activities in a way to gain different experience in the fashion industry.  This past January I began my first internship with a privately owned business that specializes in men’s styling.  I also recently received a summer job at an elite clothing store to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of sales, and of course, to keep up on all the latest trends!

Aside from the involvement working towards my dedicated career, I also joined a dance group on campus, No Limits Dance Crew.  Being part of a student group that is purely for your own enjoyment is something I have found to be very important.  As students, we all need some type of creative outlet that lets us exercise a part of ourselves we normally are not able to while sitting in a class, doing homework, or working a job.

Heeding the advice of my guidance counselor was perhaps the best decision I have made since being at school.  Campus involvement has introduced me to many amazing opportunities and people, along with making me feel as if I am more than just a number at this large university.  My advice when searching for ways to stay active outside of class is to look for ways to link student groups and jobs to a hopeful career for the future, but don’t forget to stick with that sport or instrument you’ve been playing since you were young too!  Happy searching!

Kristina Crowley

Fundraising Chair


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