Adam Ritchie Speaks to NU PRSSA

Adam Ritchie, owner of Adam Ritchie Brand Direction, works in public relations by day, and rocks with his band, The Lights Out, by night. During our Wednesday night meeting, Adam came to speak with us about his road from PRSSA member at Syracuse University, to opening his own public relations firm in the heart of Boston. 

He explained the importance of networking in our public relations job searches, and how employers frequently ask fellow coworkers for candidate recommendations first, before turning to career sites. Adam explained the advantages of informational interviewing, and how to approach your “wishlist” of companies to line them up, even when there are not any open positions.

{Adam Ritchie speaking with NU PRSSA}

To help land his first brand communications job at Cone, Adam learned, through informational interviewing, they were hiring for a baby doll account. Adam went out and bought a Ken doll, and redesigned its packaging to become the “Adam Ritchie Cone Doll,” with all the attributes the agency was looking for in a candidate. He explained, “PR is about breaking through the clutter. If you can show them you know how to do that already, it will give you an advantage.”

To wrap up his discussion, Adam compared the difference between life at an agency and life in-house, stating, “Agency is like dating and in-house is like marriage.” With agency PR, there is always more than one client at a time, while in-house focuses on one brand. After testing out both sides of public relations, Adam decided he preferred the agency side, and started his own business. He stressed the importance of maintaining relationships throughout your life, because “Any connection can potentially lead to your next client.”

For more information on Adam or his company, visit his website at, or message him on Twitter at @aritchbrand.


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