Press Release & Pitching Workshop with Elevate Communications

At last week’s NU PRSSA meeting, we were delighted to hear from Lauren Benyo and Eryenne Printz of Elevate Communications. Together, Lauren and Eryenne have experience across a number of different areas of public relations including entertainment, hospitality, non-profits, and media. They stopped by our weekly meeting to share what they have learned about press releases and pitching since beginning their careers in PR. Below are a few tips and ‘tricks of the trade’ that they shared. They also brought along a number of examples of sample pitches and press releases. If you weren’t at the meeting, make sure to come to the March 14 meeting to pick up some of the samples!

Press Releases & Pitches 
-Always include the most relevant information first 
-Read your headline out loud and if it takes more than one breath to read, it’s too long!
-Make sure you understand who is your audience for each press release that you send
-Don’t spam reporters with press releases – add a personal touch if possible
-Target the reporters that you know will actually want to write about your client
-Be creative – catch the reporter’s attention!
-For the body of the release, be sure to structure it like a pyramid – who, what, where, when, and why should come first! 
-Include a quote near the top of the release
-Always include a boilerplate (explanation of the company) 
-Tailor press releases and pitches to each individual outlet that you’re trying to get to!    This is really important when you are trying to encourage reporters to cover your client.
-Include the press release in the body of the email – don’t make it an attachment

Sarah Dolan
President, NU PRSSA 


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