Torch Communications Seeking Intern

Torch Communications: Summer II / Fall

Torch Communications is a specialized consulting group serving the communication needs of the disruptive technology, life science, clean energy and health 2.0 communities. With more than three decades of experience at some of the world’s top public relations agencies, we formed Torch Communications to create a new service model better attuned to meet the needs of the innovation economy. For clients large and small we offer the kind of creativity, flexibility and passion for our work that can have a lasting impact.

As the position is very hands-on, Torch is looking for a candidate with prior experience in the field.  The intern will be working on national campaigns ranging from healthcare reform to re-evaluating the worth of college to even the presidential election. They will have the opportunity to regularly engage with media and develop their own relationships. 

Torch has an intensive mentorship program for the first month of the co-op to get the intern onboard, followed by a 4 month skill refining period, and then a 1-2 month strategy skill period, where interns actually design their own campaigns. It’s definitely a great opportunity for a qualified candidate to learn more about media and strategy–and build up their reporter Rolodex. 

Requirements: The intern will need to supply their own cell phone and laptop as Torch functions out of a shared workspace with entrepreneurs all over Boston.

To Apply: Please email your cover letter and a resume to


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