E-Board Summer Check In Series: Jessica

We hope you’ve been enjoying our summer check-ins!  Now that you’ve heard what Katie and Kristina have been up to, it’s time to check in with one of our newest E-board members, Jessica!

Jessica, Secretary

Where have you been spending the summer?
I’ve been spending the summer at home, at work at my local Hallmark store, and on various vacations and day trips.

Did you take any trips or are you planning on taking any before the summer ends?
My family has two big annual vacations, one to Lake George, and one to my Grandma’s beach house in Rockport, Massachusetts. However, my friends and I have taken some spontaneous day trips to the Jersey Shore and Manhattan.
What is on the top of your summer to-do list this year?
On my to-do list for the summer, I had three things at the top: make a change, be healthier, and learn to drive on the highway. And so far, I’ve accomplished them all! I cut off a lot of my hair, went gluten free, and am now officially a seasoned highway driving veteran!
What are you most excited about for your return to Boston?
I’m excited for Boston in general. I love being able to have so much to do, and so much to explore, all at my fingertips. Plus it’ll be nice to regain my freedom!
Will you be in class or on co-op during Fall 2012?
I will be in class this fall, and have an awesome schedule that I’m super excited about.
Which NUPRSSA event are you most looking forward to?
While it’s not technically an event, I’m looking forward to all of the speakers we’ll have this year. I’m excited to learn about all their knowledge and experience.

Now that you’ve heard what Jessica has been up to, why don’t you share some of your favorite summer updates from this year?


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