E-Board Summer Check In Series: Chelsea

Now that you’re all caught up with Gabi, let’s find out what Chelsea has been up to this summer!

Chelsea, Fundraising

Where have you been spending the summer?
I have been spending this summer on campus taking classes and working. 

Did you take any trips or are you planning on taking any before the summer ends?
I really want to try and visit my friend who lives in New Jersey.She is on coop so I wont see her for a while unless I go this summer. I also want to try to go back to New York City and visit everyone from my last coop. 
What is on the top of your summer to-do list this year?
This summer I really want to go the Aquarium! I haven’t been there since high school and I really want to go see the penguins!
What are you most excited about for your return to Boston?
I am excited to be a college student again and to not be working 40 hours a week. Class is a nice break from co-op!
Will you be in class or on co-op during Fall 2012?
I will be in class!
Which NUPRSSA event are you most looking forward to?
I am of course looking forward to all of the fundraisers! It is a great way to raise some money and get the organization’s name out there.

Come back later this week to check in with Libby!

What have you been up to this summer?


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