E-Board Summer Check In Series: Libby

Last, but not least, let’s check in with Libby and find out what she has been up to this summer!

Libby, Outreach

Where have you been spending the summer?
I have been spending every day since I got home working at a sports camp in Connecticut- Camp Eagle Feather, to be specific. I work 7-6 every day so it can be a little exhausting at times, but I’ve been going to the camp since I was 8 myself so I absolutely love it. 

Did you take any trips or are you planning on taking any before the summer ends?
Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time for trips so far this summer. I will be going to Spain in late August though!

What is on the top of your summer to-do list this year?
The item at the top of my summer to-do list this year was to avoid the inevitable farmer’s tan I get every year. I failed miserably and will be returning with the most ridiculous of tan lines.

What are you most excited about for your return to Boston?
I am excited to be reunited with all of my friends up at school and to start classes. I am taking some fantastic courses this fall and can’t wait to start! 

Will you be in class or on co-op during Fall 2012?
I will be in classes this fall.

Which NUPRSSA event are you most looking forward to?
I am most looking forward to working with other local schools to hopefully finally realize our networking event. 



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