NUPRSSA Tips: Co-op Interviews

Can you believe it?  It’s already time for a new round of co-op interviews!  To help you through the sometimes stressful process of applying and the occasionally nerve-wracking interviews, the E-Board is back to share some of their tips on how to ensure an A+ interview.

1. Look professional and put together.  As Oscar Wilde said, you can never be over-dressed or over-educated!
– Katie, President 

2. Be prepared to talk about anything and everything listed on your resume. Many of the co-op interviewers I’ve met with go through your resume and spark conversation from there. It is important to know how to highlight your experiences in an impressive way!
– Kristina, Vice President 

3. Anticipate questions the interviewer may ask you. Knowing typical interview questions and preparing for them will allow you to be more comfortable in the interview setting, less stressed, and avoid any awkward pauses or answers you won’t be happy with.  
– Jessica, Secretary 

4. After the interview, write a hand-written thank you card to the person that you interviewed with. Make sure to thank them for their time and reiterate why you are a good candidate for the job. 
– Shannon, Treasurer 

5. Prepare!  I realize it sounds like the most basic bit of information, but I find it the most important.  Aside from just researching the company, make sure that you research the job description and a little bit about your interviewer.  They often ask what you think might be the most exciting part of the job – preparation will ensure you know how to best answer this question.
– Gabi, Social Media 

6. Smile and be enthusiastic! That was the greatest compliment I received during interviews was that I was genuinely interested and excited to be there. Having a strong resume is a great, but showing that you are willing to learn and excited to do so will earn you points!
– Chelsea, Fundraising 

7. Ask for a business card! At the end of your interview, make sure you ask your interviewer for a business card. Not only does this show a level of professionalism, it will also help you in writing a thank you note later on! 
– Libby, Outreach 

Make sure to come back next month for the next set of useful tips!


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