Metis Communications Visits NUPRSSA

Earlier this month, Erin Rohr and Rachel Sullivan of Metis Communications visited with NUPRSSA.  After sharing some insight into the tech PR world, and providing a quick background on Metis and the clients they work with, Erin and Rachel shared a few tips about public relations that every student should know.  

Rachel & Erin of Metis with our treasurer, Shannon

PR tips for students

  1. Show persistence!  PR is all about being able to effectively communicate with others, including your clients, the media, and your co-workers.  It’s essential to be persistent (without being pushy) when pitching a story for your client.
  2. Look for an environment that you would like to work in.  It’s important to examine the feel of the office space and not just focus on the job you’ll be doing when looking for a new position.  Sometimes, it’s the environment that can make or break the job.
  3. Gain experience in writing through internships or co-ops.  Having a background in writing is essential for PR reps, as you’ll find that you’re writing just about everyday.  Think – press releases, blog posts, pitches to editors, etc.  The rest of your skills will come with time.

If you’re interested in learning more about Metis Communications, visit their website or stop by the Metis company blog!

Gabi Valladares
Social Media 


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