7 Ways to Create Viral Pinterest Posts

Pinterest is all the rage right now. It’s the best way to find DIYs and delicious recipes, but it also serves as a great procrastination tool

                                                          Image Source: Mashable

This article by Jessica Turner shares 7 tips for getting your pins to go viral on Pinterest.

1. Write your post as a list. Do you love lists? I love lists. People will be more likely to look at your pin if it is quick and easy to read.

2. Use text on your photos. Adding text to a photo makes it easier for readers to pick it out and identify what the image and/or product is.

3. Add a “pin it” button to every potential pin. Most people assume that people will automatically pin content they find interesting, but this is not the case. By adding a “pin it” button to your content, you are encouraging people to pin it to their boards on Pinterest!

4. Write timely posts. People are not going to pin or re-pin your content if it is not relevant. If you are writing about Christmas, make sure you write about it in December rather than July.

5. Ask active Pinterest friends to re-pin your content. This will help get your posts out to a larger audience!

6. Push the post out via social media multiple times. Make sure to tweet and Facebook about your Pinterest post! This will create a larger audience for your post and it will help decrease the number of people that might miss it.

7. Remind people of the posts after the initial peak period. Keep pushing out your post even after the first couple days that it is up.

Do you find these tips helpful? How do you publicize your pins?

Shannon Clark


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