Gemvara & HubSpot Share Blogging Tips with NUPRSSA

At our last meeting, NUPRSSA had the chance to talk with two experienced bloggers. Corey Eridon from HubSpot and Cassandra Chernin from Gemvara came to fill us in on the ins and outs of blogging. Both of these ladies are responsible for the blogs that represent their companies and have learned a lot about the value of blogging.

Although Corey and Cassandra work in different industries, one in software and the other jewelry, they agreed on several tips for aspiring bloggers. They were able to share some insight with NUPRSSA about the world of blogging and how it can help students when they begin looking for a job.

1. Step outside of your style!  As we become writers, everyone develops their own style and voice. Yet Corey points out that it is important to try out different kinds of writing styles. While blogging for a company with a distinct brand, it isn’t always possible to write in your own voice. Some may have standards of high professionalism while others might be more casual. It’s important to test out the multitude of voices, whether it be while guest blogging or writing about a topic that is new to you. Having a variety of experience will also add to your resume!

2. Practice makes perfect!  Cassie points out that if you are concerned about your blogging skills, you can only get better with more blogging! In the beginning it can be easy to get discouraged, but the more blogging you do the easier it gets. To get more experience, Cassie and Corey suggest blogging 2-4 times a week and also reaching out to other blogs. Guest blogging can be a great way to start with a small commitment, but also gain great experience.

3. Be consistent.  It is always important to keep the brand in mind while blogging. Whether it be for a large company or a personal blog, it is necessary to stay true to the themes of the blog. Gemvara focuses on its jewelry and how it relates to their consumers lives. Cassie must constantly ensure that her blogs are quirky and fun, like the brand, yet keep their jewelry in the forefront of each post.  Cassie also points out that staying true the brand keeps the audience coming back, even if the posts aren’t as frequent- readers know what to expect and truly enjoy the content.

Thanks again for visiting us, Corey and Cassie!

Check out their blogs here and here.

Chelsea Addy


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