NUPRSSA Tips: Social Media

Another month has gone by, can you even believe it?  It feels like just a few days ago we were rounding up our favorite co-op interview tips for you all.  This time around, we’d like to share our favorite advice on using social media.

1. If you are using social media for both personal and professional purposes, it is possible to incorporate both worlds.  Twitter comes to mind first – I try to keep up on industry news and retweet anything relevant, while still complaining about all of the #firstworldproblems I have.
– Katie, president

2.  A social media specialist is one of the most up-and-coming job positions in any company/agency.  If you feel that you have the knowledge and skill to take on a group’s social media accounts, one-hundred percent do it!  I’ve learned an incredible amount about what type of tweets, posts, and pins elicit audience feedback just from working with social media at my internship.
– Kristina, vice president 

3. Make sure you monitor your social media and online presence.  Sometimes it helps to Google yourself to make sure private things from various social media sites aren’t leaking out onto search engines where potential employers might see it.
– Jessica, secretary

4. Twitter is a great way to network!  Follow any people or companies that are of interest to you.  Interacting with these people/companies via Twitter is a great way to get yourself on their radar and see their latest updates.
– Shannon, treasurer

5. Don’t forget about LinkedIn!  If you meet someone that you would like to network or build a relationship with, add them on LinkedIn within 48 hours, and remember to make your invitation personal.  Don’t just send the generic “so and so would like to add you to their personal network” – instead, tell them it was great meeting them at "X" event and that you hope to keep in touch, or something along those lines.
– Gabi, social media

6.  Start a conversation!  If a PR agency tweets something interesting, tell them what you liked about it.  Maybe they tweet something relevant to college students – let them know how it was beneficial.  You never know what could come of talking to someone through social media!
– Chelsea, fundraising

7. The limit for tweets is, of course, 140 characters.  However, if you want people to be able to retweet your tweets, be sure to leave enough room for them to write a quick reaction to precede their RT.  Allow them space to weigh in, which they may wish to do before sending the tweet out to their followers.
– Libby,outreach 

Make sure to swing by next month to hear this semester’s last set of tips from the E-Board!


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