6 Quick Instagram Tips for Brands

In August of this year, Instagram, the photo-sharing social media platform, surpassed Twitter in daily active mobile users with nearly 7.3 million users accessing the site daily!

The service has quickly established itself as one of the top three social networks and is becoming a channel that brands can’t ignore. Last week, Jon Thomas of Business2Community shared some great tips to help maximize your brand’s journey on Instagram:

Image: Google Play

1. Employ user-generated content. Encourage your followers to submit their own photos using your product or “living your brand story” and add these to your Instagram stream.

2. Offer a glimpse into your humanity. Use Instagram as a place where your fans can get a glimpse behind the scenes by featuring photos of people and places they would not otherwise see. Reinforce the idea that your brand is more than just the product or service you sell. For example, The Boston Bruins have been extremely successful on Instagram, even during the lockout, by sharing photos of their fans and their philanthropic work.

3. Product in action. It seems like a no brainer, but establish your photo feed as the go to place for pictures of people enjoying your product. (This will be especially successful if you are in the restaurant business!) Be wary though, there is a fine line between sharing great content and being overly promotional.

4. Consider using text, but not to stamp your brand mark or copyright. Apps like Overgram allow you to add text to your Instagram photos. Use text to give credit for user-generated content or to add creative copy. But avoid stamping your brand or copyright on images- this will make your users far less likely to share the photo with their audiences.

5. Dedicate resources. Assign someone to work on your brand’s Instagram that knows the brand’s tone and has an eye for photography. You want to ensure the photos are in line with your brand’s identity.

6. Hashtags. Use hashtags to allow users to locate your photos with ease. Use Instagram’s suggested hashtags, relevant hashtags trending at the time, or create your own to activate your fans!
Instagram may not be the best place to sell your product in a literal sense, but users will embrace brands that use the platform well, which can help generate invaluable brand loyalty.

Libby Kober


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