NUPRSSA Tips: Adapting to New Work Environments

We’re one month into the spring semester of 2013 and we’ve already had a few great meetings with new and returning NUPRSSA members.  To help everyone making the transition from classes to co-op or from co-op to working in the “real world” a little bit smoother, the executive board offered up a few of their best tips for you!

1. There is always a learning curve – getting used to a new situation can be stressful and overwhelming.  Give yourself a break and remind yourself that you’ll get the hang of things eventually.  Everyone is new at some point, and they learned from it just like you will.
– Katie, president

2. Let your first day set the tone for how the rest of your time there is going to go.  Set a great first impression for your boss and colleagues by being on time, well prepared, and excited to get started.
– Jessica, secretary

3. Talk to previous interns/co-ops.  This is the best way to see how someone who previously held your position adjusted.  They will have great tips about who to go to for help, how to do your job, good lunch places, etc.!
– Shannon, treasurer

4. Be prepared! Go into your first day at work having already researched the company, its organizational structure, and anything else you can think of.  If your company or organization has been in the media, read up!  It’s always better to be overprepared than underprepared.
– Gabi, social media

5. A good way to integrate into the workplace is to proactively introduce yourself to your coworkers.  If it is hard to find time to sit down with them, shoot them an email and ask if you can schedule a time to connect.
– Kerryfundraising

6. Stay positive and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.  Your co-workers can be surprisingly helpful and for the most part, everyone wants to see you succeed, especially as a new employee.
– Marlana, outreach

Make sure to stop by next month to hear more tips from the executive board! 


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