Jessica Takes on Tech

PR has such a fabulous reputation, and rightly so.  The glitz and the glam of pitching beauty products or dealing with celebrities is extremely enticing.  So much so, that I had never even considered the other types of public relations out there in the world.

At a PRSSA meeting this past fall, Metis Communications came in to speak about tech PR.  I recognized the name from past meetings as well as from the list I was building for potential co-op choices.  I was hesitant about applying, wanting to ensure that this whole “tech thing” wasn’t going to bore me to tears.

After hearing how cool Metis sounded, I realized that the fact that is a tech PR firm shouldn’t hold me back.  So there I went, on my leap of faith, accepting the challenge that stood before me.  But that’s what co-op is all about, right? It’s all just one big learning experience.

Well here I am, four months later and two months into my co-op.  In a mere two months, I went from barely knowing how to use my iPhone, to pitching reporters using words that used to give me a headache: cyber security, big data, cloud computing, etc.  I’m seriously impressing myself with this newly found knowledge I never believed I was capable of (come on, ask me about cyber security), and I am so proud of myself for trying something new and different.

Bottom line: Yes, PR is fabulous.  No wonder it’s such a fast growing industry – it’s rewarding, exciting, fast paced, and well…fun.  But I believe the key to being successful in this career is being open-minded.  By being able to avoid pigeonholing yourself into one type of PR, you can allow yourself to grow and offer the most to the industry.

Doesn’t this all sound good? Do you want the awesome co-op experience I’m having? Well…it can be yours.  Metis is looking for fall co-ops, so take a chance and apply.  You won’t regret it. 


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