NUPRSSA Tips: Transitioning into a Leadership Role

Wait a minute, this is already the end of the semester? How did that happen?! With April right around the corner, we’re gearing up for elections and our end of the year party! So, to send you off for the summer and help you prepare for next semester, here are a few tips on how you can transition smoothly into a leadership position.

1. If you’re taking on your first E-Board or leadership role, sometimes starting small and working your way up is he best way to go. This way, you can get a feel of your new responsibilities and see after the semester (or year) if you’re ready to take on more.
– Katie, president

2. Go above and beyond the role you are currently in. Taking on side projects really demonstrates your potential to take on a leadership role!
– Kristina, vice president

3. Act like the leader you are. Show your ability on day one by being competent, eager to learn and considerate of your peers and those you lead.
– Jessica, secretary

4. Remember that even though you hold a specific position, you are still working as a team with the rest of your executive board. Keep lines of communication open with the rest of your board!
– Gabi, social media

5. Be sure to be a good teacher- don’t just give assignments, explain their importance. This will help people around you understand time management and what tasks deserve their attention first.
– Kerry, fundraising

6. When transitioning into a leadership role try talking to the person who held the position before so you can ask any unanswered questions
– Marlana, outreach

Have a great summer everyone!


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