#trending: Social Media Marketing

#trending: Social Media Marketing at Northeastern was an exciting event that included a panel of the most influential tweeters in the Boston area. The possibility of creating a career out of social media was almost unimaginable five years ago, but these three men did just that. Tom O’Keefe of BostonTweet, Joselin Man of BostonTweetUp and Spencer Bramson of Influencers@ spoke about their personal experiences within the up and coming industry and explained why they chose to start making connections right here in Boston.

Tweeting is all about networking, and Boston is a great location to start. All of the speakers agreed that Boston is a very innovative city and it provided each of them the opportunity to jump into something new. The smaller city atmosphere allows the creation of local connections and it gives these tweeting professionals the ability to go out and speak to their followers in person.

Our speakers established that the most exciting part about social media is that there are no limits, and the numbers of connections that can be made are endless. Once a tweet is sent for the world to see, it is possible to engage in conversation with just about anyone. Although there is no quick fix to instantly gain thousands of followers, word of mouth goes a long way and replying to a tweet can never hurt!

Some of their personal experiences remind us to focus on turning a network of followers into personal connections. When getting involved in the field of social media or PR, it is important to focus on the specific demographic you are aiming for and it is vital to maintain the same image in person as well as online.

Marlana, Outreach


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