Making it Through the Co-op Process: It’s All About Who You Know

Courtney’s back to share another useful tip on making it through the co-op process!  Here’s what she has to say on networking:

2. It’s All About Who You Know

One of the best things you can do to try to get your top-choice co-op is to figure out a way to connect with students who held this co-op position in the past. Sometimes, it will work out that you may meet the person in one of your classes or they will just so happen to be one of your friends but either way, ask around and learn about other people’s co-op positions. I happened to be friends with the girl who had my co-op position the year before, and I can’t even express how helpful it was to have that contact. If you don’t know anybody who has had that position before, try asking your co-op advisor if he or she does. They have had many students filter through the system and if they haven’t had anybody with that specific co-op, they might know the right advisor to send you to who could put you in contact with the right person. 

If you’re just starting out with your first co-op, make sure to develop a good relationship with your co-op advisor. By telling your advisor your interests and goals with co-op, they can keep you updated about which co-ops might fit well for you and if any additional co-ops are going up on the portal in the future. If you’re looking for your co-op the second or third time around, make sure to keep in touch with your co-op advisor. They’ve had students with these jobs and they know which jobs are good and which ones are too basic or uninvolved for you. They may even be able to call a company representative to help you leverage an interview if they are motivated to help you! Lastly, stay connected with NUPRSSA. It’s amazing how many company representatives this club brings in during a semester…talk about networking!

– Courtney Byer, member

Remember to come back next week to hear more from Courtney!


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