Making it Through the Co-op Process: Presentation is Key

Here’s Courtney’s third tip on making it through the co-op process:

3. Presentation is Key

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s crucial that you dress to impress at your interview. No, this doesn’t mean that you need to go out and splurge on an expensive new outfit, but it does mean that you need to dress professionally. Your potential employer will only see you for a fifteen to thirty minute period of time before making the decision whether to take you on as their co-op or to choose another candidate. Even putting in the extra time to do something special with your hair can help your employer remember you. My current co-op boss told me that she remembered how I curled my hair at my interview, which was an extra touch I put into getting ready for interviews! Always make sure you schedule your interview with enough time to put yourself together so you’re looking your best. How you present yourself shows your employer how you value yourself and therefore your work…so put in the extra effort.

You can also impress your interviewer with how you present your resume. Never underestimate the power of some high-quality interview paper. My co-op advisor recommended that I purchase some, and I never knew how much employers appreciated it until my interviewers commented on how nice that “extra touch” was. Also, if you’re submitting your resume electronically, make sure to convert it to a PDF before you send it because attaching it as a document could alter the margins, spacing, etc. Overall, if you put in the effort to make sure that everything you show your interviewer (including you) is looking its best, it can only help you!

– Courtney Byer, member

Come back later this week for another tip from Courtney!


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