Making it Through the Co-op Process: Interview? No Sweat!

Ready for another helpful tip from Courtney?  Here’s what she has to say on how to give an A+ interview:

4. Interview? No Sweat!

First of all, congratulate yourself on getting an interview! You now have the chance to prove why you are the best for this co-op position, even if it is only for fifteen or thirty minutes. When you get the call for your interview, make sure that you don’t schedule anything without looking at your calendar first. It’s amazing how many commitments come up that you would never remember without consulting your personal schedule! It’s also okay to let the call go to voicemail if you’re in an area that is not great for talking. In Boston, it’s hard to find a place that is quiet unless you are back in your room. Just make sure that your voicemail is professional and states your name and phone number so the employer knows they’ve contacted the right person…you! 

Another helpful tip is to create a company “cheat sheet” for the T-ride over to refresh your memory on the position right before the interview happens. Include important company info such as culture, CEO, etc. and key-qualifications for the co-op position such as necessary skills, why you fit the role, etc. You may have no trouble remembering this info on a normal day but when you’re nervous for an interview, having everything written out can be extremely helpful!

– Courtney Byer, member

Stay tuned for another tip from Courtney!


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