GMR Marketing seeks On-Campus Ambassadors


GMR Marketing, the nation’s largest event marketing company, is launching an event at the Northeastern University for a leading telecommunications provider. We are looking for a team Brand Ambassadors to network and create awareness for a 4-day event in the beginning of the semester.

Pay Rate: $14.00/hour

When: Ambassadors will be required to work up to two weeks prior to the start of the semester. 


• Serve as ambassador for the brand on your campus by creating brand interest and awareness

• Promote the event through flyer distribution, social media efforts and word of mouth

• Interact with other students and increase traffic to your event

• Use social media to attract students to event and increase brand awareness

• Provide insight pertaining to your campus such as; high-traffic areas for students, move in dates, campus trends, local events


If interested in this position, please email your resume to, answer the questions below, and be considered today.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity!  

• Why do you want to be chosen to work for GMR Marketing?

• How does your involvement with organizations on- campus make you the best candidate?

• How are you influential with your social media, and your personal brand?



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