Artistry Magazine seeks Public Relations Team

Artistry Magazine is a start up magazine at Northeastern looking to create a critical and supportive voice for art on campus. They are looking for four people for the PR team in four general different positions:
  • Internal PR Chair would be general in charge of image on campus, connecting and supporting other arts organizations on campus, and managing social media accounts.
  • External PR Chair would work with outside arts organizations, either Boston institutions or groups at other schools, establish and strengthen connections, and manage social media accounts.
  • Recruitment chair would work with establishing a solid base of staff writers and build on it with the beginning of each term, as well as hosting gratitude events thanking the staffers along the way through the term.
  • Advertising Chair would be partnering with Internal and External PR Chairs in attracting advertisers to our website, as well as promoting our brand.
If interested, attend a general meeting on Thursday the 26th in DMC-5 at 7:00 to welcome new staff or email

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