NUPRSSA Hosts Metis Communications

Last Tuesday, NU PRSSA hosted employees from Metis, a Boston Tech PR Agency. The event allowed members to hear from Rachel Sullivan and Sylvanie Tse about what Metis does, and what their positions entail on a day-to-day basis. Rachel even attended Northeastern herself and was first introduced to Metis through the Co-op program. She continued to work there after her Co-op was completed, and has been employed there since. Sylvania, while not a Northeastern graduate, attended Boston University and was first introduced to Tech PR through an internship.

The speakers discussed the differences between Tech PR and other forms of PR, such as fashion, as well. Tech PR involves promoting and selling new advances in technology. As put by Rachel, it’s great to know the new technology before it even comes out, it’s like you’re in a secret club. Because Boston is such a hub for new technology start-up companies, Tech PR is a great opportunity in Boston.

Metis is a great opportunity for Northeastern students looking to become involved in PR. The speakers discussed the multiple opportunities to become involved in the company and learn more about the industry. Although Tech PR is not necessarily for everyone, it can open a lot of doors. As was said by Sylvania, “if you can sell a computer chip, you can sell anything.”

This was a great opportunity for NU PRSSA members to learn more Tech PR and what distinguishes it from other forms of public relations. Metis is a great example of the PR opportunities in Boston, for both Co-op and post-graduation. 


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