NUPRSSA Public Relations Club Evolves into Campus Public Relations Agency, Black & Red PR

Black & Red Public Relations will serve as Northeastern University’s central proxy for promotion and branding of student-run organizations

Boston, January 15, 2014–Northeastern University’s student club for public relations has disaffiliated with the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and is launching themselves anew as Black & Red Public Relations (B&R PR).  B&R PR will continue weekly group meetings while taking on a new role as a publicity agent for fellow student organizations. 

The decision to form a bona fide agency arose from the observation that university groups could benefit from outside aid in boosting awareness for their events and activities.  B&R’s services will extend from event planning to image rebranding and penetration via the use of social media and campus contacts.  The agency will reach out to organizations to offer suggestions and the opportunity to personally work with B&R members; conversely, groups are encouraged to contact the agency of their own accord to discuss what moves can be made to advance their organization. 

B&R PR is open to rendering its services in whichever way is most convenient to their client.  The client may choose to attend the weekly agency meeting, during which the client and the B&R board with its members will work in tandem to map out a tailored strategy.  There is also the option of a personal consultation between respective executive boards and email correspondence. 

B&R PR stresses that all Northeastern clubs, organizations, societies, or Greek sororities and fraternities are welcome to get into touch for any matter concerning the promotion of their group. 

About Black & Red PR


Black & Red PR is a student-led public relations agency which all Northeastern University students looking to explore the world of PR are open to join.  Meetings take place every Wednesday at 7:15 at 340 Curry Student Center.

Agency email:



Twitter: @B_RPR


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