We currently offer the opportunity to personally work with BRPR agents in areas such as:

  • Event planning and promotion
  • Social media strategy
  • Image rebranding
  • Outreach strategies
  • Content creation

Our consultation skills are available to any student organization, in whichever way is most convenient to our client. All Northeastern clubs, organizations, societies, or Greek sororities/fraternities are welcome to get in touch for any matter concerning the promotion of their group.

Meeting options for BRPR are almost entirely up to our clients. Clients may choose to attend our weekly agency meetings or to meet with members of our executive board one-on-one. We also provide consultation via email correspondence, and, if needed, a more personalized schedule can be arranged. Regardless of the meeting format, your organization is guaranteed to receive a well-tailored communication strategy specific to your needs.

Our level of involvement is entirely up to you and your organization. From consultation concerning the most effective strategies for your social media campaigns, to the complete organization and promotion of your event, BRPR is prepared to handle any, or all, of your Public Relations needs.

Interested in using Black and Red Public Relations (BRPR) for your student-run organization? Our services, listed above, are vital to the success of any public relations campaign. Further individualized options can be discussed with BRPR at