NUPRSSA Public Relations Club Evolves into Campus Public Relations Agency, Black & Red PR

Black & Red Public Relations will serve as Northeastern University’s central proxy for promotion and branding of student-run organizations

Boston, January 15, 2014–Northeastern University’s student club for public relations has disaffiliated with the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and is launching themselves anew as Black & Red Public Relations (B&R PR).  B&R PR will continue weekly group meetings while taking on a new role as a publicity agent for fellow student organizations. 

The decision to form a bona fide agency arose from the observation that university groups could benefit from outside aid in boosting awareness for their events and activities.  B&R’s services will extend from event planning to image rebranding and penetration via the use of social media and campus contacts.  The agency will reach out to organizations to offer suggestions and the opportunity to personally work with B&R members; conversely, groups are encouraged to contact the agency of their own accord to discuss what moves can be made to advance their organization. 

B&R PR is open to rendering its services in whichever way is most convenient to their client.  The client may choose to attend the weekly agency meeting, during which the client and the B&R board with its members will work in tandem to map out a tailored strategy.  There is also the option of a personal consultation between respective executive boards and email correspondence. 

B&R PR stresses that all Northeastern clubs, organizations, societies, or Greek sororities and fraternities are welcome to get into touch for any matter concerning the promotion of their group. 

About Black & Red PR


Black & Red PR is a student-led public relations agency which all Northeastern University students looking to explore the world of PR are open to join.  Meetings take place every Wednesday at 7:15 at 340 Curry Student Center.

Agency email:



Twitter: @B_RPR


GMR Marketing seeks On-Campus Ambassadors


GMR Marketing, the nation’s largest event marketing company, is launching an event at the Northeastern University for a leading telecommunications provider. We are looking for a team Brand Ambassadors to network and create awareness for a 4-day event in the beginning of the semester.

Pay Rate: $14.00/hour

When: Ambassadors will be required to work up to two weeks prior to the start of the semester. 


• Serve as ambassador for the brand on your campus by creating brand interest and awareness

• Promote the event through flyer distribution, social media efforts and word of mouth

• Interact with other students and increase traffic to your event

• Use social media to attract students to event and increase brand awareness

• Provide insight pertaining to your campus such as; high-traffic areas for students, move in dates, campus trends, local events


If interested in this position, please email your resume to, answer the questions below, and be considered today.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity!  

• Why do you want to be chosen to work for GMR Marketing?

• How does your involvement with organizations on- campus make you the best candidate?

• How are you influential with your social media, and your personal brand?


Making it Though the Co-op Process: Keep Those Contacts!

As we near the end of Courtney’s mini-blog series, she has one last tip for us to keep in mind during the co-op process:

6. Keep Those Contacts!

After you’re all done interviewing and you have a fabulous co-op to be excited about, don’t forget about the contacts that you made throughout the entire interview process.

Chances are, you interviewed for multiple positions and either turned offers down, weren’t offered every co-op you interviewed for, or didn’t hear back from a company soon enough. However, these different company representatives that you met with throughout the co-op search could become useful contacts for you at some point in the future, and you’ve all heard it before…networking is everything! 

A great idea is to take the pile of business cards that you collected throughout the process and type up the contact name, phone number, and email from each company onto a Word document so if you ever want to contact them in the future, you have a point of reference all in one place. Plus, then you don’t need to hang onto all of those business cards! You never know- you may want to try again for a co-op you didn’t get this time around. 

A note from Courtney:

I hope these tips have helped make the process of finding a co-op a whole lot less daunting and that you end up with an amazing co-op! My final piece of advice: stay involved with NUPRSSA- we’re all here to support each other and share our experiences.

– Courtney Byer, member

The NUPRSSA executive board would like to thank Courtney for sharing all of these extremely helpful tips with us this semester.  We know we all took a few notes from her; we hope that you did too!

Making it Through the Co-op Process: Positivity Goes a Long Way

Courtney’s back to share another tip on making it through the co-op process!

5. A Little Positivity Goes a Long Way

Since you only get 3 co-ops and you want to make each one count, it’s easy to become a stress-case in the search for the perfect co-op. Although being nervous about it shows that you care, it is crucial that you don’t let the co-op search get the best of you.

First of all, stay calm and know that the co-op process is more about timing than anything else. Unfortunately, not all companies call for interviews at the same time, and you may have to decide if you’re willing to turn down an offer in the hopes that you’ll get called for your top choice co-op. Yes, these choices are extremely stressful (trust me, I know!) but in the end, everything will work out and you just have to weigh your options. I think it’s best to have a few top co-op choices instead of just one, so if timing doesn’t work out or you have a rough interview, you can still be happy with the co-op that you end up choosing.

Keep in mind that not only is the company helping you by giving you a job but YOU are helping them by working for them. Be confident in what you have to offer them, even if you’re nervous, so that the interview goes well and you feel better overall. In our field, sometimes it’s your personality that gets you the job, not your qualifications! 

If the conversation during the interview is all personal, it’s up to you to show the employer that you’re serious about the job and get the conversation onto a professional level. A good interviewer can find any reason to talk about how their skills relate to the qualifications necessary for the job position. In the end, know that you will get a co-op, and timing will effect which one you end up with. You get to decide which co-ops you accept and don’t accept, so make sure that the decisions you make are what is best for you!

– Courtney Byer, member

Check back soon! Courtney has one more useful tip to share with us!

The Best Brands on Social Media

It’s very uncommon in today’s world to find a brand that isn’t on some sort of social media platform, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other website that helps a brand interact with its customers. It is, however, somewhat rare to find brands that do social media right.

Customers who engage with companies over social media spend 20% to 40% more money with them, so it’s essential for brands to have a killer social media strategy. A brand’s strategy should be customer-centered, conversational, unique, and influential. Here are a few brands that we think have awesome social media presences!


Remember last fall when a man named Felix Baumgartner free fell from 23 miles above the surface of the Earth? If you do, then you’ve seen a great example of RedBull’s social media strategy. Since RedBull’s tagline is “gives you wings,” they stay true to that message by sponsoring many athletes in extreme sports. These videos of extreme athletes, like Felix’s, are constantly being liked and shared and talked about on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, making them some of RedBull’s most popular posts. RedBull’s branded content creates something that people want to watch and share but at the same time something that fits with the core values of the company’s brand, and this is their key to success.


image’s social media strategy is all about putting their fans and customers first. They use engagement strategies such as the “Fan of the Week” contest, where fans send in photos with their Zappos boxes and everyone gets to vote on the best photo of the week. Their catchy saying is “Let’s be in a like-like relationship,” which shows that they value their customers and view their potential fans as equals.



Chipotle’s goal is to change the way people think about their food. They make it a point to source ingredients from local farms that exhibit positive behaviors toward animals and the environment and their social media presence remains loyal to this philosophy. Additionally, they respond to 83% of Facebook posts and 90% of their tweets are responding to customers. Most importantly, though, is that they don’t only answer positive comments, but they try to help when something is wrong, too. Chipotle truly values conversation and getting to know and create loyal customers.


– Christina Sirabella, member